Not every deal meets what it first promised...

Before submitting a lucrative order, you should receive precise information about your business partner. You can receive from the company Creditreform the necessary information about solvency, finance situation as well as about economic environment of your client.


    Do you need to assess the solvency of your business partner?

    Do you want instantly know about any change of your partners' business status?

    Are you searching for new clients for your services or goods?

    Such things and much more you can do through our database A part of information you can get for free - by just simply registering in our database: Registration .

  • Credit Reports

    Credit Reports

    Our credit reports facilitate the decision making process for granting of goods or money on credit. If the "Credit Opinion" is positive, Creditreform delivers also an advisory opinion for the highest credit limit, which could be granted to the respective client within one to three months.
    The information in our credit reports is strictly confidential and to be used by the client only. It can not be published, disclosed or handed over to third parties without written permission of Creditreform. Our credit reports are just a help in making decisions by the information recipient. Every effort is made to ensure that the furnished information is accurate but Creditreform bears no legal responsibility for the consequences of these decisions.
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  • CrefoCert STABILUS

    CrefoCert STABILUS

    CrefoCert STABILUS – the official UAB Creditreform Lietuva confirmation, that company which received this confirmation is solvent and in good economic state for longer than one year. The companies that received the assessment CrefoCert STABILUS are displayed with a sign CrefoCert STABILUS in UAB Creditreform Lietuva administrated database Such assessment is granted only by UAB Creditreform Lietuva initiative, in case if the company meets all the requirements, and it is not for sale.


    CrefoCert STABILUS benefits:

    • Safe and clear company's assessment process;

    • Clear and publicly available assessment criteria;

    • Any interested person can check if the company is evaluated CrefoCert STABILUS in the database or in website

    • Used reliable companies valuation methodology, based on the German union Verband der Vereine Creditreform, founded in 1879;

    • Highlighted the good company's state not at this day but in the long-term outlook.


    CrefoCert STABILUS evaluation criteria:

    The assessment CrefoCert STABILUS is granted for those companies registered in Lithuania, which economic state for at least one year and longer has met the following criteria:

    • risk class – 1,2,3 or 4;

    • there were no major threats to the company.

    Such companies are marked with the sign CrefoCert STABILUS in the database of the Lithuanian companies

    The assessment CrefoCert STABILUS is valid and the sign is displayed in the database until the company meets CrefoCert criteria. If the company's parameters become worse than the above mentioned, the assessment expires and the sign is not displayed till the company's parameters comply with CrefoCert STABILUS criteria again.

  • Automatic determination of credit limit

    Automatic determination of credit limit

    CR limit – automatically calculated sum, which the specific company is able to pay to all its trade creditors within 30-60 days.

    You can read more about CR limit by downloading the presentation, which is on the right side of this page.

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