Company Information

Our company information and analyses provides you with current company data and enables a better assessment of companies and markets.

Economic success through valid data

For you as an entrepreneur, it is important to know who you are dealing with on the customer side. This is based on the master data of the companies with which you want to conduct or develop a business relationship. But how do you get sensitive information and how can you ensure that your customer data is up to date? Last but not least, quality and completeness are decisive here. Because: An incorrect address or outdated contact details can lead to logistical problems and impair the positive course of a business relationship.

Why is data important for companies?

  • You want to expand your company database or update the data in it.
  • You need information about potential business partners for your customer acquisitions.
  • You want to find out who makes the decisions in a company and who is authorized to sign.
  • You need information on how to set up business groups - for example, to explore the risk before doing business.
  • You need data-based analyses that relate to your own company (balance sheet analyses) or you want to use customer and supplier analyses and market analyses to precisely assess customers, suppliers and the market situation.

Company Report Compact

In addition to company master data, the report also contains data on structure, register entry, management and bankruptcies. The Company Info Plus includes twelve months of monitoring, the Company Info Premium also contains a representation of the ownership structure.

Company information

Linkage information

Offers an organizational chart of the structure and interdependencies of companies with details of the participation functions. The ownership structure is given as a percentage in the Linkage Info Plus.

Information on beneficial owners

Determines the beneficial owners of companies. This eliminates suspicions of money laundering and doubts about the accuracy of the information. (Audit-proof fulfilment of due diligence obligations required by the Money Laundering Act).

Information on compulsory execution

Provides important information about the company concerned before compulsory execution is due and enables measures that promise the greatest success.


Company Report Compact International

Provides current information such as structural data, master data and business figures of (your) foreign customers and suppliers - available online for numerous countries.

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Business partner analysis

Important for risk management, calculates default risks in the business partner portfolio and identifies high-risk business relationships.

Company information

Market analysis

Determines the position of a company within the respective industry, looks at opportunities, risks and potential, identifies possible further business areas - and thus provides a basis for strategic decisions within the company.

Information advantage through company data and analyses

We ensure transparency and security in the area of company information and analyses when it comes to your customers and business relationships. Our prepared information about company offers:

  • Master data (address, contact options, competent district court)
  • Structural data (legal form, foundation, commercial register, history, shareholders, capital)
  • Payment information, bankruptcy data
  • Key data on corporate integration
  • Names of responsible officials and beneficial owners
  • Examination of possible compulsory execution measures


On the basis of various analyses, we support you in assessing your own company situation and that of other companies. Solutions can be found here:

  • Determination of default risks
  • Identification of high-risk business relationships
  • Assessment of solvency and risk, related to the respective industry sector
  • Competition and market analysis
  • Investment assessment