Monitoring International

Constant monitoring of important customers and suppliers in international business. You will receive all relevant information concerning changes.

Monitoring International Product overview

The business situation abroad and thus the creditworthiness of companies can change very quickly before you, as a business partner in Germany, are even aware of it.

Take precautions. With Creditreform Monitoring International, it is easy to monitor all your important existing customers and suppliers. You will receive all relevant information on changes promptly.

  • Constant monitoring of important customers and suppliers in international business
  • Early risk detection through monitoring of parameters relevant to solvency
  • Problem-free observation of continuing obligations
  • Quality optimization in customer and supplier management
  • Monitoring of company master data, communication data, management and powers of representation
  • Supplement to the Commercial Report International
  • Minimum term twelve months, thereafter monthly cancellation is possible
  • Available in German, English, French or Italian
Fields of application Supplementary reasons Advantages
  • Early risk detection through the delivery / provision of supplementary information
  • Monitoring of individual customers and suppliers or of entire portfolios
  • Constant master data maintenance

Supplements result from changes in the following chapters:

  • Address
  • Communication data
  • Payment method
  • Credit Limit
  • Credit opinion
  • Solvency assessment
  • Company status
  • Company name / Name
  • Conversion to other legal form
  • Share capital
  • Ownership / Shareholders
  • Board of directors / management / functionaries
  • Participations
  • Power of representation
  • Business activities
  • Number of employees
  • Annual Sales
  • Balance sheet data
  • Control or profit transfer agreements
  • Negative facts
  • Negative entry with participants / functionaries
  • Other reasons
  • Informational advantage through early indications of significant changes
  • Notice of the changed financial situation of your foreign business partners
  • Easy monitoring of individual customers and suppliers to help identify potential credit risks in a timely manner
  • High master and contact data quality through updated, verified data
  • Simple IT and process integration through structured data
  • Online availability for numerous countries

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