Creditreform group

Central expert units and decentralised companies combined in the Creditreform Group and pool their range of services.

Creditreform Group

The Creditreform Group consists of numerous subsidiaries and national and international Creditreform offices. Creditreform is represented worldwide by 162 companies in 23 countries. Together, they provide innovative services and assist clients personally wherever they are. Among the companies in the group are the following:

  • Creditreform International

    Secure business all over the world

    Creditreform International is the umbrella organisation under which 23 Creditreform country offices in Europe as well as China have joined forces. The local expertise of 162 regional offices and the uniform quality standards for business information and receivables management put trade relations and foreign investment on a secure footing.

    To ensure secure business transactions worldwide, Creditreform International offers both foreign debt collection and a broad portfolio of foreign information products. In markets where Creditreform is not itself represented, Creditreform relies on long-standing and reliable partners who are subject to constant quality controls.

    Together with Creditreform in your country, you can secure your international business. Contact your Creditreform office now to find the information you need.

  • Creditreform AG

    Creditreform AG was founded in 2002 and is the holding company for a large number of businesses and service providers. With its range of services, it complements Creditreform's traditional fields of business - credit information and debt collection. Focused on the process chain of its customers, Creditreform offers comprehensive services from customer acquisition to receipt of payment.

    Click here for the Creditreform AG overview page.

  • accredis

    The specialist for bulk collection

    The accredis Inkasso GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of the Creditreform group of companies.

    As a bulk collection company, accredis specialises in the collection of outstanding receivables from telecommunications and e-commerce companies, banks, building societies and energy providers.

    With the help of a powerful IT platform, accredis supports the entire debtor and receivables management process of customers without the need to switch media: From invoicing, commercial dunning procedures including customer service, debt collection, legal dunning procedures and long-term monitoring of enforceable receivables.

    Within the Creditreform Group, accredis also acts as a supra-regional service provider and supports the individual Creditreform companies in Germany by offering services in the processing of debt collection mandates. In addition, accredis is a member of the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Agencies (BDIU) and the Call Center Association Germany (CCV).

    accredis Inkasso GmbH & Co. KG
    Robert-Bosch-Straße 2a
    50354 Hürth

    Tel: (0 22 33) 966 83-0
    Fax: (0 22 33) 966 83-9

  • Crefo Factoring Gesellschaften

    More liquidity - more security - more service

    With its 15 companies, the Crefo Factoring Group specializes in generating liquidity for medium-sized companies. By selling receivables to the Crefo Factoring companies, companies receive immediate liquidity for greater financial flexibility and security for growth plans. If required, it is also possible to reduce the workload in accounts receivable management, dunning and collection.

    The Crefo Factoring Group is the only market provider to offer its complete factoring service in 15 decentralised locations. With its independent companies, it is integrated into the Creditreform Group and is a member of the German Factoring Association.


    Professionelle und ausfallsichere IT-Lösungen aus einer Hand

    ECOFIS stands for a high-quality service portfolio in the areas of network management, IT security, hosting and web technology. Its mission is to develop and implement tailor-made solutions for the optimisation of technical and economic business processes together with its customers.

    ECOFIS GmbH - Hauptsitz
    Hellersbergstraße 12
    41460 Neuss

    Tel: (0 21 31) 109-422
    Fax: (0 21 31) 109-444