Financial Communication

Thanks to our Solvency Certificate and the German Payment Experience Pool (DRD), we enable you to have open financial communication for successful business relationships.

Obtain your Solvency Certificate and exchange payment experiences

The transparent handling of finances and data creates trust and the basis for long-term successful business relationships. If you as an entrepreneur communicate your economic situation openly and actively to the outside world, this can have many advantages for you. It allows you to signal stability and strengthen your negotiating position on the market - not only towards (potential) customers, business partners and employees, but also towards banks or capital providers. If you want to effectively present your excellent credit standing, you can have it professionally assessed and marked with the Creditreform Solvency Certificate (CrefoCert STABILUS).

Are you interested in how reliably your customers pay? Then supplement your risk management with current payment histories of other companies. With our data pool, the German Payment Experience Pool (DRD), we enable you to exchange payment histories free of charge so that you can view your customers' payment history with other suppliers. This not only provides you with a comprehensive picture of your customers and timely information on relevant changes, but also allows you to share your knowledge (anonymously) with the community.

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Exchange payment experiences

Benefit from external payment experiences to learn how your customers pay other suppliers. The German Payment Experience Pool provides you with information on payment conditions, early and overdue payments and payments on time. On this basis, you can better evaluate your receivables portfolio and complete your customer picture.


Have your solvency certified

CrefoCert STABILUS – the official UAB Creditreform Lietuva confirmation, that company which received this confirmation is solvent and in good economic state for longer than one year. With the certificate, you will belong to a small group of especially stable Lithuanian companies. You give yourself the opportunity to actively communicate how good your solvency is - on the web, on business documents, in your e-mail signature or at trade fairs and events. An official assessment by an international credit risk assessment company will give you additional weight in negotiations with banks and investors.  Used reliable companies valuation methodology, based on the German union Verband der Vereine Creditreform, founded in 1879. Creditreform's rating instruments are recognized by the European Central Bank.

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